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Appleton’s Custom Bars, Inc. - Custom Motorcycle Handlebars Made in the USA... As one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket motorcycle handlebars in California, we know how important it is to bikers that their bike looks and feels great. Your bike is an extension of yourself and it gives you a feeling like nothing else in the world. We manufacture every set of our modifiable style handlebars with this feeling in mind. Settling for cheap imitations is not an option when it comes to your ride. Our selection of 100% American-made custom motorcycle handlebars is sure to have a set that fits your style. Whether you’re looking for road glide handlebars, or any other Harley model, our site will tell you which models each set can be mounted on. Experienced Motorcycle Handlebar Manufacturers Our family owned company has been metal working and electroplating since the 70s and making handlebars for motorcycles since the 90s. You can count on us to deliver superior, American-made quality on every set of bars we ship. We have full control of both our manufacturing and electroplating processes that provides you with a top-shelf product that we can both be proud of. Browse our wide selection and rev up your ride with a sharp, comfortable set from