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Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping Motorcycle Handlebar Manufacturers

As one of the top motorcycle handlebar manufacturers online, Appleton's Custom Bars focuses on making the ordering process easy for our customers. Many of our customers are ordering custom handlebars for the first time, so it can be easy to make mistakes or not to understand the specific information that we will need.

Unfortunately, not all motorcycle handlebar manufacturers focus on customer service the way we do. This can make ordering online difficult for the bike owner, potentially resulting in handlebars arriving that were not at all what you wanted, or thought you had ordered.

Know What You Want

We recommend you take the time to look through our selection of different custom handlebars, even if you see something you like on the first page. This gives you a full picture of what we can do, and it also prevents you from ordering a set of handlebars and then, in few days, wishing you had looked a bit further through our website.

Ask Questions

If you have any questions prior to your order, or if you aren't sure of a term or a description we are using, give us a call or send us an email. This allows you to be sure you know what we mean, preventing any confusion or surprises when the handlebars are delivered.

Some motorcycle handlebar manufacturers are hard to talk to. We will work with you to ensure you understand all aspects of the order before you actually place the order online, and we encourage all of our customers to double check all measurements and to verify the handlebars you are considering are suited to your model of bike.

Leadtime Considerations

With our ability to complete all the work from actually fabricating the handlebars to completing the chrome plating or finishing in-house, our lead time is typically less than two weeks. In fact, most of our custom orders will be out of the shop and on their way to our customers in about five business days.