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  • #2AxMTOx..... 1-1/2" Round Tube Ape Handlebar with Arched Outward "Meathook Handles" and "Mitered Base" with "Clean Sweep" Grips (Starting at... plus Selected Options)

    $500.00 $375.00


    1-1/2" Round Tube Ape Handlebar

    "Meathook" style handles and Mitered base with 1" base clamp.

    Curvature Arched Outward

    Designed for model years 2013 or older.  (See 2AxMTONx for 2014 or newer models)

    Note: Wiring should be performed by a professional installer.

    Starting price based on 8" high in raw finish plus selected options.

    (See photos for dimensions, available sizes and features)

    Note:  For your safety this bar should be installed by a qualified professional to insure proper fit and integration with your motorcycle make and model.