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  • #CB6xHHRBx..... 1-1/2" Crushed Tube Bagger Handlebar with Arched Back "Hammer-Head Handles" and "Radius Base" with "Clean Sweep" Grips (Starting at... plus Selected Options)

    $616.00 $462.00


    1-1/2" Crushed Tube (1-1/4" x 1-11/16" Oval) (6 Point) Bagger Handlebar

    "Hammer Head" style handles with Accent Caps and Radiused base with 1" base clamp.

    Curvature Arched Back

    Designed for model years 2014 or newer.  (See #CB6xHHTBx for 2013 or older models)

    Note: Wiring should be performed by a professional installer.

    Starting price based on 10" high in raw finish plus selected options.

    (See photos for dimensions, available sizes and features)